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Frame rate increases very high after game engine start with record animation enabled
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when I try to record animations with the game engine, the frame rate increases to high values like 3000 on my system right after starting the game engine.
This happens even with the blender default scene. So this time i have nothing to include as test blend.
Setting "Use Frame Rate" and "Restrict Animation Update" were enabled too.

You can see the high fps when enabling game engine profiling.

Tested under Ubuntu 11.10 64 bits, blender rev 44682


CPU: I7 2600
GPU: Geforce GTX 580
RAM: 16 GB




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This looks like a duplicate of issue #29449:

This should now be fixed as of r45408. Could you please verify?

I just checked it with a destruction of a wall and a window, works great !
Frames start at 0 and fps is 60 , as chosen.
Thank you very much, now recording the destruction creates even greater results.
Tested with rev 45425.

Awesome, I'm closing this and it's duplicate.

Mitchell Stokes (moguri) closed this task as Resolved.Apr 5 2012, 10:20 PM