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Render Engine still saves a render result to disk if it reports an error
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When a render engine reports an error, a result file is still saved to disk. This happens even if the render engine raises a Python exception.

Attached, you'll find a very simple render engine that can be dropped in your addons folder and enabled as usual (it is called TEST RENDER).
The blend file is a simple empty file with that engine already selected and set to render 25 frames and save in the same directory as the blend.

The bug is easy to test with background render, just run:

blender -b test.blend -E TEST_RENDER -a

But can also be tested in the UI by hitting Ctrl-F12 or Render -> Animation in the header menu.

The desired behaviour is of course that nothing be written to disk if an error occurs.



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Fix in svn, thanks for the report and test files :)