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Wrong UI behaviour on Input Preferences
Closed, ResolvedPublic


W7 64-bit
Geforce GTS 250
2.62.0 r44136 (release) 64-bit
2.62.1 r44924 64-bit

Preferences > Input > 3d View (global) > Circle Select > View 3d Gesture Circle....
Now change a single thing inside "gestures", and the whole "Circle Select" gets automatically collapsed.

If you want to change more than one thing, it gets really frustrating. If it is intentional, it goes against the very basics of usability!




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unfortunately, not actually sure when exactly expanded flag gets lost. Only noticed that things are working OK if there's a user defined settings for keymap item which uses modal keymap (i.e. change some property in Circle Select keymap before changing it's modal keymap). Not sure if it's just missed copying expanded flag when changing modal keymap without changing keymap itself or when changing modal keymap meymap which uses it should be marked as suer defined as well.
Brecht, maybe you'll have time for this?

Fix in svn, thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, this bug is present in 2.78.

Please make a new report about this.