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user-defined render presets bug
Closed, ResolvedPublic


creating render presets will be crash blender in start.
Restarting the computer does not help, only reinstall Blender.
i attach small video to message.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1
Blender: 2.62.0 r44136



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Do you have non-ascii characters in your login name?

no, only a-z and digits

It's important that users help us to recreate errors. It's not that we don't believe you have the error!
So: how would you do this error on someone else's system, can you retry?

I'm guessing whats happening here is the preset name is fine, but the path used for USER presets contains non utf8 chars and this breaks python when trying to access its path.

Since blender can show presets from the user and that come with blender, initially the presets show ok.

confirmed this is it - working on a fix.

there were in fact 4 different bugs here, fixed 45073.

sorry, my login in windows have Cyrillic characters