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Crasher on entering edit mode with VBOs enabled
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make sure to enable VBOs
Enter edit mode = crash



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Could you try again, its not crashing and BM_mesh_validate() doesnt find any errors - r45090

yes it crashes on SVN, if it doesnt crash on the first TAB try hitting TAB again for back to obj mode

this appears on the terminal

tested again, cant get it to crash. - r45248 -
valgrind, toggling editmode many times.

okey.. time to build a debug then

Here is the GDB BT

I have the same issue in recent versions on Ubuntu 10.10 with a Nvidia Geforce Go 7400. Tabbing in and out of Edit-Mode may crash Blender. I could not reproduce it with the appended example, but with more complex characters. It is hard to nail down, because it doesn't happen every time. In recent days i crashed blender about five times this way while working for hours without any problem. Then suddenly it looks a bit stuck and shortly after Blender was gone. May it have something to do with the 16 Bit Texture mode? Does it crash if 16 Bit textures are disabled inside the user preferences ("System" Tab)?

ran with valgrind and no errors, guessing the driver crashes on blenders opengl commands, but not on all graphics cards.

could you see if the crash happens running software GL?

Ok Campbel, seems like it doesn't crash on factor settings, but as soon as I enable VBOs it does!