select similar for metaballs
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This patch adds the ability to select similar metaballs in edit mode with the Shift+G shortcut. The two possible parameters for the selection are the radius and the type of the metaballs.



Thanks for the patch/quick hack.

We are currently in feature freeze and cant apply this to trunk.

While the patch is acceptable some things to consider...

notice the patch doesnt quite conform.

* this patch could also select similar orientations (rotation)

* with select similar radius - a threshold would be useful, select similar mesh options have this for angle between faces for eg.

Thanks for the tips, I've added the ability to select similar rotation and the threshold for similar radius. I also tried to follow the coding style you linked, I hope the patch is better now.

Sorry, I'm just having some problem to submit the new patch.

Committed r60921. with some changes, measure rotations between quats using a different metrhod, also there was no need for select_similar_type_itemf() since poll already checks we have a meta object in editmode.