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Align View to Selected has unexpected results on further view change
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Using from the buildbot on window XP

A cube that i rotated slightly in every direction (.blend attached to this report)

- Go to Edit Mode , in face selection mode, select a face.
- Click on View -> Align View -> Align View to selected -> Top
- So far no problem, the result is what is expected.

Now rotate the view (not the cube) around the cube then press Numpad 1 to get into Front View
The view is not anymore the correct Front view but is like if we had clicked on View -> Align View -> Align View to selected -> Front

You need to unselect the face (or get back to Object Mode) to be able to re-use Numpad 1 to get in the desired Front View.
I'm not sure if it is a bug or an intended change of the view behaviour , but i find it very unexpected and impractical considering for years it didn't behaved like this, as stable 2.62 release (and past ones down to 2.49b at least) didn't had this strange view behaviour

Additionally, may be related or not, but in several of the view, the grid is not present behind the model (again the grid was always present at those front/top/side view in stable 2.62 and down to 2.49)



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Align issue should be fixed in svn rev45262.
I can not see any differences in how grid is working in 2.62 and current trunk. We never have got grid on front/side view, only in top/perspective. Grid is visible is all from/left/top sides if you're using orthogonal viewport.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Resolved.Mar 29 2012, 5:07 PM

For the grid disappearing, i wasn't clear enough, but i meant it happened after i did the "View -> Align View -> Align View to selected -> Top" , after that in ortho view it wasn't appearing anymore out of only front view in ortho view.

Without doing the "View -> Align View -> Align View to selected -> Top" i mentionned , the grid appeared as usual in ortho view.

Hm. probably indeed related. I've just triggered rebuild of windows 32bit blender in buildbot, can you test if error still happens after my fix in rev45262?
If it'll be an issue i'll re-open the issue but very accurate steps would be welcome -- quick tests with un-patched blender didn't show issue for me.

I just grabbed blender-2.62-r45279-win32 from the buildbot and i confirm that both problems are no more present, the align view does not stick forever and the grid re-appear in every ortho views.

Thank you.