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A couple actions not pushing the undo stack, resulting in accidental (invisible) undoing of text editing, custom props, etc
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Example video, 20 seconds:

Example blend attached, with a simple setup for testing the two noticed cases. Adding (and editing via the 'edit' button) a custom property, followed by an action (such as translate) in the 3d viewport, subsequently being undone, will also undo the changes or remove the added custom property. Similar behaviour exists with the text editor - typing or pasting data, then translating and undoing on an object, will also undo the text edits.



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Theres a known problem with the undo stack (global undo vs text editor which has its own undo), but property add should be doing unto pushes.

fixed r45277.

Excellent, thank you. May I request property edit also be looked at? wm.properties_edit, invoked by the little edit button on a custom property, still exhibits this behaviour (just built r45282).