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Cycles doesn't work with AMD Juniper GPU, compiller throws errors.
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Using Catalyst 12.3 on Windows 7 x64, i got quite some warnings in console, but 3 errors when i try to run Cycles:

"error: expression must have pointer-to-struct-or-union type".

Of course Cycles doesn't display anything. I'm attaching a text file with the output of the console. Lines 119 to 121 have the description of the problem.





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What Blender version do you use? Please always provide all the relevant information as asked by the bug report guidelines (the ones you see when reporting a bug)

Oops sorry, rev. is 45447.

Can you check with latest AMD beta drivers? I am not sure if it's a bug on our side or if the drivers are too "old".
We rely on some fixes from AMD, probably they are not in the official drivers yet.

Catalyst 12.4 beta + OpenCL 1.2 Preview Drivers, as found by Google. Results are the same. I'm not posting log, since is basically the same.

Brecht: I got reports in the forums that it does indeed not work. I asked them to disable Texture support, still the same. Might be a bug in one of the recent commits, because it was confirmed to work about 2 weeks ago. Can you have a look please?

AMD Thread on ba:

Your reported issue has been fixed in SVN. Thanks for taking the
time to report!.

Daniel Genrich (genscher) closed this task as Resolved.Apr 9 2012, 5:35 PM