UV Offset Modifier
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This modifier enables animating uv coordinates.

Detailed info with screencast, video tutorial, example .blend file and modifier help is here: http://kompak.pl/uvoffset

Short movie making heavy use of modifier can be found here: http://kompak.pl/rain



left review here:

Campbell, I've modified the code so it uses vector now instead of two coordinates.

I'll need your help with getting the bone / target position after constraints / drivers applied.

I don't agree that offset should be relative. It's difficult to control modifier this way.
Offset should take into account only target's position.
If you want to move object and target together parent it to something.

attached a patch. makes the following changes.
- matrix between the object and the target/bone matrix are used for the UV offset (this works like hooks). can think of this like UV hooks.
- fix error in line 177 on the v2 version of the patch 'else weight == 1.0f;', should be '='.
- remove comment about use of get_pose_channel(), this checks for an empty string.

attached a patch, changed target to controller and subtarget to bone in both ui and data structure, still need to agree offset calculations

changed it to work with 2.63a, controlling with object works Campbell way (except sign of offset), controlling with bone uses only its pose position - rotation and scale are discarded

Applied modified patch to svn -r52987