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Blenders Measurement Units set to Metric, makes some Precision Flaws.
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I know, Blender is just a “Toy” for the most People, but i believe it's much more, so i like to Work on it, therefore i have this little Problem for you:
For Example when you just enter 1.36m as Y Axis Position it appears to fill the Rest of its Float/Double or whatever Value randomly and not with Zeros, so you have overlapping or gaping Stuff all the Time when you fully zoom in.
We could manually avoid that with giving every Time four Zeros or more to every Position, but thats annoying!
(Yes I am so MAD that I work only with Numbers and on a 12m big Construction with a Precision under a half mm!)
I now spent Hours to reconstruct this Bug in 64BIT Blender 2.62.0 Version r44136 by adding Tons of Cubes and putting them from a random Place back in Line, but that not made any Errors, so I believed that the Errors maybe came over from older Blenders(started the Project in 2.60), but I was now able to reconstruct it in the 64BIT Blender 2.62.0 Version r44136.
1. Opened fresh unzipped(i don't install Blender anymore since it runs perfectly out of the Box, great thanks for making it a static Build, even when nothing works anymore on Linux, Blender still does and thats Awesome) 64BIT Blender 2.62.0 Version r44136 for Linux on Linux(Deleted old Config in Home before).
2. Set to Metric Units.
3. Just appended(hope this way Bugs from older Blenders cant affect the new, like when just opening a .blend with new Blender) two Parts from my technical Project which has this Problem on near any Object I made.
4. There you are, both Edges where the two Objects met, have the same Position(Y-1.536m) when observed in Edit Mode(Global), but when you fully zoom in(Ortho) you see a Gap that must be near 0.5-1mm(Ok in this Example it is just 0.1mm but 0.5-1mm really happened on other Parts of my Project) or so.
5. If I give Y-1.536 four Zeros on the Object FW(HL)Winkelplatte, nothing happened, so this one is really on Y-1.536, but when you give four Zeros to the Y-1.536(0000) Position of the FW(VL)Winkelplatte Objects Edge(which I prepared for you), then the two Objects are precise together without a Gap like I expect when I completely work with Numbers.

I work on 64BIT Linux with 64BIT Blender so that the C++ Doubles you programmed(hopefully on Linux) should be 64Bit(Heard one Day, that on Windows they're still 32BIT on a 64BIT System somehow...), therefore you're at your own in finding out whats wrong there, but please make it, Blender is really great and I like to be able to work precise and professional with.

Tested on the original 64BIT Blender 2.62.0 Version r44136 on Systems like(Mint11and12 64BIT) on the Machines(Asus G73SW/ Acer Aspire 8930)



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changed precession from 3 to 5, also made consistent across all buttons. - r45499.

note: 64 bits and 32 bits blender both use exactly same precession float math.
this is just a display issue.

- closing.

Great, thanks alot for the info and to fix it, in r45619 it shows now 1.5359m instead of 1.536m which was not its real visible position and now i hope we can work with it.
Havn't tested yet on new projects, but still wondering, where the random values(1.5359m when given 1.536m) came from and if the precision from 3 to 5 in the display will prevent them from happening again(so that i dont have to add the four zeros after 1.536), but it's alot better now, when we could see them happening in the transform panel while working, then by accidentaly step over them on quality control at the end of a project)