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Blender cloth simulator air pressure enhancement
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jz p (acme_pjz)
Apr 13 2012, 5:52 PM
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Group: Unstable (example)

A simple air pressure feature to Blender cloth simulator, and spring length scaling factor, hope it will be useful for somebody.

The blenderartist post: you can find screenshots and videos here. (the patch in this link is a bit outdated)

The attachment is a patch against svn r45571.

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jz p (acme_pjz) attached 1 file(s): F21313:


great patch. Stil wondering when Cloth will subsistute Softbodies ;)

Will check after 2.64. Thanks!

Hi, I updated this patch to make it work with latest Blender. I also merged cloth sewing seams patch (#31269) to my patch, so I removed the spring length scaling factor (use negative value for cloth shrinking in #31269 instead)

I've updated the patch to 2.80. But it only seems to work well on symmetrical, uniform meshes. Otherwise it will start sliding and floating around.

I'm guessing we will have to be smarter in how we apply the pressure on the mesh.

Fixed the symmetrical problems. Now it seems to work with the non uniform suzanne mesh!

Fixed the symmetrical problems. Now it seems to work with the non uniform suzanne mesh!

Thanks for updating this patch to 2.80! I haven't touched the Blender code for years. Your demo video looks impressive.

I heard that in GSoC 2019 someone is implementing dynamic subdivision for Blender cloth simulation. I think later we should make this patch compatible with that.

This patch is very straightforward and doesn't add that much complexity. So I will try to get this merged into 2.81.

Thank you for writing this code in the first place. I'm just sad that I didn't know about it until now.

Adding air pressure will definitely be useful.

Based on the changes in the patch and some initial testing with the adaptive remeshing branch, it doesn't seem like anything extra will need to be done for it to work with adaptive remeshing.

I've uploaded my current take on this here: D5473

I find the pressure simulation very useful. I would highly appreciate an integration in version 2.81 of blender. Thank you all for the wonderful work.

Will this very useful enhancement be part of the 2.81 release?

Sadly not. I just missed the merge window for 2.81. I'll try to get it into 2.82

This would be really great. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the merge! This is great.