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Export only selected objects
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.60
Category: Import Export
Python: 3.1
Script name: Export Selected
Wiki page:
Author(s): dairin0d, rking
Status: Open

=== Features ===
Adds an option to export only selected objects for every registered exporter. The addon also gives you an option to export the objects to a separate .blend file.

By default children of the selected objects are exported too (the "Include Children" option).

For PLY format, all the selected objects would be exported as a single mesh.

=== Installation ===
Hit Ctrl+Alt+u to load up the User Preferences (or use the File menu and click Save User Settings). Click the Install Addon... button at the bottom, then navigate to your script.

Next, checking the little box on the right of the Addon entry in the list. If, for some reason, you have a hard time finding it, you can search for Export Selected or click on the Import-Export button on the left.

When installed, it will add a submenu Selected to the Export menu, where the available formats would be listed.



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i use the latest version but its has a problem, when i export selected it adds extra geometry to the mesh

and after i eport it makes the mesh a mess

zfadarkness, I couldn't reproduce your problem in a test scene, but I found and fixed a couple of bugs. Get the most recent version, maybe it would work correctly for you now.

By the way, what format were you trying to export to? Did any errors messages show up?

just exporting to a dae file it may be blender itself do this, i made a model and expoted it in the noremal way and then i imported it and got these results as well

Then the effect you're referring to is probably caused by the "Triangulate" option of the .dae exporter.
"Triangulate" is enabled by default and is located at the bottom-most panel of the Collada export settings.

I´m using Blender 2.71 and sometimes, after export, Blender closes. And now, I find another bug: it´s not exporting anymore. Follows the error:

Thanks, I've now added handling for the situation when there is no active object in the scene.

dairin0d, I´ve downloaded the new version (1.5.1). I exported two groups of objetcts, and it worked, but when I exported a third group, it exported, and Blender has closed after that.

I'm afraid I the information you provided is not enough to figure out the problem.
Can you share the .blend you were working with and the detailed instruction for reproducing the effect?

Yes. Could you give your personal email? Because the file is from the office I work on, and it´s a classified project.

See my private message on BlenderArtists.

I´ve already sent the file to you. Thanks.

I've removed the export options that cause Blender to crash on .blend-export (they are outdated/deprecated anyway by now).

Have you updated the file? The version is still 1.5.1

Ah, sorry, I updated the file but forgot to update the version number in the wiki.

This comment was removed by RUben (kb0).

hey, just going to close this :)

Hello, could you please explain to me this error?

Regarding the error: you seem to be using an old version of the addon. The latest version shouldn't have this problem.

By the way, bug reports for this addon should be posted at

Hello dairin0d, I upgraded to the latest version (2.1.5) but now now i encountered the same problem of Leandro, Blender closes immediately after export. Any idea?

stefano, what objects were you trying to export? To which format? With what export settings? Can you share the file you were trying to export from?
Just in case: what version of Blender do you use?

By the way, do you have a github account? This task is considered archived, so I'd prefer to discuss bug reports in a more appropriate place.

hello, I checked the file, the problem is about a simple object, a cylinder, but it occurs only when there are particles in the scene.
If I delete everything except the cylinder the problem disappears. The export format is obj. The version of Blender is 2.78c. I have an account, sorry

stefano, I tried to create a scene which contains a cylinder and another object with a particle system, but there seem to be no problems with exporting to OBJ. Can you share the .blend in which the problem is present, so that we have exactly the same test case?

dairin0d, I made some changes and the problem has disappeared. If the error will recur'll write. thank you