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Heavy problem with fermi (gtx470 problems)
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i encounter a huge problem with 2.62.3 rendering (cycles with GTX 470 CUDA version- Win7 64bits - WHQL296.10 ). I've tried differnet version of 2.62 ( 45470, 45628... but not the originalm 262 version ).

On some scenes, when rendering, it displays a buggy screen ( mutli color/lines etc... ). It happens particulary with the scene attached to this message.
I 've tried with 2 workstations ( the other one with GTX 470 too - Win7 64bits - WHQL290 ) and same issue.

The same scene renders correctly with 2.61 version.

On the first machine ( which has a GTX 285 too ), it renders correctly when choosing the GTX285 (CUDA version).

Does these version contain the kepler patch ?..



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precision: il you delete the light of the scene and replace the wall material by an emission material or another lightning system , it renders correctly with fermi card...
so this light seems to be the source of the bug !

Please try the official testbuild2:

same problem again with 263 testbuild2.
But when the light is deleted and replaced with a new one, it wotks...
very strange

Toggling "Cast Shadows" in the lamp tab fixes it.

Ah, cast shadows option is indeed the problem. Fix in svn, thanks for the report.