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Mesh distortion when rendering.
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I was rendering a scene with fluid.
Apparently fluid mesh was somehow badly generated on a few frames and some vertices get edges generated to object's origin. Nothing alike in Blender "internal" render.
I isolated one problem segment.
Press render.

r45664 win64, r44136 win64, r44136 Ubuntu



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Also Remesh modifier crashes blender when applied to this mesh.

Might there be any fast solution?
All "nice" things always happen on deadline evening :)

Remesh crash confirmed, looking into it.

Remesh crash fixed in r45669.

Note to submitter: not sure how the problem was created in the first place, but you have some vertices with invalid coordinates. You might be able to work around your bug on the problematic frames by selecting all visible vertices with e.g. lasso select, then invert selection and delete.

Thanks! The problem is it's an animated fluid. But still it's a better solution than Gimping that afterwards.

Fixed the cycles render to handle these vertices better, thanks for the report, closing.

Guess none of commercial software ever gets fixes anywhere these speeds :)
Thank you!