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IK armature resize goes ugly (Pose mode resize)
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If a rig using IK is given an overall parent, "master" bone (to position and resize the rig into a scene) then the IK breaks (as in bones separate) when the master bone is resized in Pose mode.

I am aware that when using linked files (through group name) we automatically get an empty which could be used for the master bone effect, but there are further implications to this bug; rigs with IK cannot be resized during animation etc etc.

My current work around for this (as an animator) is to have two separate rigs and parent one to the other, as shown in my file. This however is not ideal as it complicates the pipeline in terms of linking character rigs as the separate armatures would have to be re-parented at destination.

Please see the attached file (IK_resize_bug.blend) for an example of the bug, plus what should be happening (my workaround)

I think we need to fix what's causing the breakage in resizing IK rather than my workaround.