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Save confirmation stops showing
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Win7 64bit
2.63 rc1 from (as well as other older versions from graphicall)

open default scene --> save a new .blend ---> ctrl + s to see the confirm dialog ---> make a change -> go FILE > Save

now make another change --> Ctrl +s and it saves auto with no confirm.

This is different behavior to previous versions of blender. Not really a show stopper or anything, just a bit unnerving.



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Same on 2.63 rc1 32bit.

can check 2.62 for proper behavior

If anything, it is that first confirmation that probably should not show. If you have a file saved (i.e., assigned it a name), you make a change then hit "Save" expected behavior in almost all file-based applications is to simply save. The only time you should get the confirmation you mention is if you have chosen to overwrite an existing file whose path/name does not match the one currently loaded in the UI. Going to go back through docs around this feature to better understand the expected behavior.