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Grid primitive, changing resolution turns off Display / All Edges
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r46007 Win 7 64 Bit

When i change the resolution of a grid primitive with Display / All Edges activated, then the All Edges setting turns off, and the edges goes invisible. I have to turn it on again after every changing at the resolution.

While at it, and because it is a minor issue that is connected to display and grid primitive too. When i am in Solid mode then i don`t see any lines at all in 2.63. In 2.62 i was at least able to see the lines from the backside. Seems that the Grid primitive is doublesided now. Best would be when i could see the grid lines in solid mode too.

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Unfortunately, it's a limitation of redo system, added not there

Grid was already doublesided in 2.62. Probably you've been able to see grid lines from backside because of different precision in z-buffer which is't actually controlled by blender.

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