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VSE speed effect strip keyframes dont update
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I have noticed after applying a speed strip, when you are keyframing the Speed Factor value or the Frame Number value it seems to forget to update. That is the f-curve you create doesn't affect the playback speed.

The work around for now, you must create the keyframes (f-curve) that you require, then goto the middle of the curve and nudge the value slider. After doing this the slider returns to it's correct value and the effect should play fine.

Win vista and xp v46060

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I'm not sure what the initial issue you're describing here. Values in Speed Factor is updating fine here, the only issue i've noticed that if you'll playback movie without speed effect, then add speed and create fcurves playback would still be using non-speeded up movie. That's because of cached frames. Ideally such changes should invalidate cache, but it'll require setting some kind of dependencies map got sequencer. For now pressing "Refresh Sequencer" solves this issue.

P.S. Uploading sample .blend file helps a lot understanding actual issue you've got. Sometimes you might interpret sentences in a different way, also language gap does bad job here.. So please always attach sample files :)

Sorry for not uploading a .blend in this case. You were right, pressing "Refresh Sequencer" button fixed it. I thought it was a bug because other f-curves work when playing back.

Thankyou for your time Sergey, please close (or add dep map for sequencer).

Cool to hear it works for you now. Will try to make behavior more predictable here without involving pressing refresh button, but it'll take some time. But that's not actually a bug :)
To thanks for the report, closing =)

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