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Array Modifier Start Cap and End cap does not show
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r46007 Win 7 64 Bit

I have build a scene with an Array Modifier at a simple plane, and a curve. A street with some curves is the goal. Such a street has a start and a end. So i need some start and endpieces. I have one plane with a texture for the middle piece of the street. And one plane with another texture for the endpiece.

The cap parts doesn`t display in 2.63 though. I can see that the street becomes longer by one tile when i choose a start or end cap object, that`s most probably the start or endpiece. But the texture stays the same as in the middle piece. They do display in Blender 2.61 though. (Blender 2.62 crashes at loading the scene. Maybe worth a look too)

I have then done the same with some primitives and have build my street with a cube plus a cone and a sphere as the endpieces. And here it works. So my guess is that there is something funky going on with the materials of my two planes here.

Attached two screenshots and a test scene.


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Forgot to add, when i export the result as let`s say obj, then everything is fine again.

This is a limitation of the modifier stack. The start/end caps are there, but they have the wrong materials. The problem is that the modifier stack can't change material slots, so the resulting mesh will still only have the material from the original mesh. If you add two material slots on both objects and make them match, it will work.

2.8 Build from May 12, 2019, Win 64 bit

There's still an issue here. I've got an array along a curve with an end cap, and the end cap shows up fine in solid and render views in the viewport, but on f12 render with Cycles, it disappears. I've double-checked visibility on everything, so that's not the issue. The main array and the end cap have the same material applied. The same project file, unaltered, works perfectly in 2.79. It's only when doing an actual render in 2.8 that it disappears. If the array with the end cap is applied, then it will show up in the render.