Greenscreen keying improvement WIP patch
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Here's WIP patch i currently have for greenscreen keying improvements project.
Details are there



Read over the details.

I have to wonder about the inclusion of discrete tools into one header node.

In particular I worry about a tool such as despill for example.

There are a multitude of places where an artist will be using despill beyond keying.

I will test the patch this weekend, but I still question the fundamental migration away from granularity when the industrial grade imaging applications are evolving in the opposite direction.

Great to see effort on this front however.

hello, you know this?


Yes, i saw that patches. Some of stuff was commited to blender a while ago and it doesn't actually work nice for footage currently used in for Project Mango.

Actually, current stuff was commited to tomato branch and we've got some more patches which likely would improve current tomato's nodes. So would close this patch.

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