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Collada: Naming convention for Material symbols breaks Second Life Importer
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Relates to: T26475
Patches: T31335

The commit r35711 has introduced a sequence number to the creation of material symbols.
This sequence number breaks the Second Life Collada importer.

The reason is that different objects get different material symbols for the same material.
Although this seems to not violate the Collada specification, the Second LIfe importer
relies on the fact that identical materials use identical symbol names.

I believe that the sequence number which was introduced with commit 35711 is not needed.
I have added a patch for this a few days ago ( i just now found that this bug report causes the
problem). my patch is here:

I have already verified that materials keep intact after reimport of the exported dae files to blender.
Please can someone approve that my patch really creates collada conform output ?
Then my patch would fix the issues with Second Life as well.


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This has been fixed some weeks ago by applying patch 31335

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