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enable XDG directories by default
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Issue 28943 added compile time support for the XDG Base Directory specification. It would be nice to enable it by default. My understanding is that a migration function is needed for that to occur.

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Yes, a migration function would indeed be needed. I don't see how this is a bug though, we don't use the bug tracker as a todo list, only to report things that were intended to work but are somehow broken.

It is a bug that it doesn't store things in the XDG directories by default.

Ok, will reopen the bug for a while to see if any developers likes to take this up, but this fits more on our todo list:

The attachments page doesn't seem to work. So, posted a patch here:

If we just move the folder this way, it will break the configuration for users who use both the 2.63 release and newer test builds. I think this migration should be done as part of the version switch to 2.64, in the "Copy Previous Settings" operator, there settings are being copied anyway.

Also this patch seems to contain a bunch of other code, could keep that separated?

Actually I think we can do the migration without making an explicit migration function, just modifying GHOST_getUserDir. Will try to make a patch for that.

Here's a patch that does this, still haven't actually tested if it works on linux/windows, only verified on mac and tested copying folders goes ok.

Brecht, you mentioned there're some parts of patch from here which could be interesting. Could you please review this and finish with this report please?

This patch is applied, v2.64 will use XDG dirs automatic. closing.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Sep 4 2012, 8:55 PM