Blender (windows) can't load files from a mac-based network location
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This is tested with blender 2.63a release version.

While using blender in Windows 7, I've noticed that scenes that reside on a mac-based network location refuse to load. I can load from a linux-based network location or windows, just not mac. The server is OSX 10.5 leopard server. 2.62 (release version) will load these files fine. 2.63 cannot.

I've reset prefs and that did nothing. To test, it should just be a matter of just trying to load a file from a mac network location (Using drive mapping).



Alex, can you please look into this? Thanks!

I've just confirmed that Blender 2.63 can't load a file from a drive mapped network drive when participating in a network render in headless mode. However, 2.62 works fine on the same network in headless mode.

Does the issue still exist with 2.64 RC2?

Closing due to no response from Bug reporter since October. Not everyone has such a setup, so we can't test this.

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