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Building on Ubuntu 12.04 : libjpeg / libtiff problems
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Hey, so here it is, there is a dependency problem with libjpeg on the last Ubuntu 12.04. The problem is that libtiff4-dev is mandatory for building Blender, and Ubuntu doen't want it to be installed with libjpeg62-dev. It compiles fine with the default libjpeg-dev provided through repositories, but the thing is that Cycles can't load correctly jpeg textures and of course shows a black texture instead. This is the only bug I've found about it for now, but maybe there are more.

So either you correct the Cycles jpeg loading to make it compatible, or either you add libjpeg-dev to a static lib directory in the Blender source that could be loaded. I don't know, I'm not a coder after all :).

My specs : Ubuntu Linux 12.04 x64 / GTX 460 / using the last svn trunk and self building.
This guy got the problem too :

Thanks for your support !

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We've been looking already into the problem of missed jpeg textures in cycles. This is caused by differences of libraries used to build OIIO library which is distributing via our svn and libraries which are used by ubuntu. The only proper solution is to re-build OIIO for particular version ubuntu or use some kind of PPA and do not use OIIO libraries from our svn.
It seems to be brief instruction how to compile OIIO there
As soon as it's compiled and installed, use OPENIMAGEIO_ROOT_DIR in cmake to point to your version of OIIO, or in case of scons use BF_OIIO to point to that location.

Since it might help in some cases to have all libs in our SVN needed for compilation, but since versions of libraries used by different distributes are completely different it's really tricky to make precompiled libraries working well. And since it's not difficult at all to compile needed libraries for newer linux, i'd rather keep that libraries to help compiling on platforms when it's really tricky to compile libraries yourself.

Anyway, bug tracker is not best place to discuss particular build environment issues, but feel free to contact us in irc or mailing list

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