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Audio only coming from Front Left in layout and bge
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AMD X6 Phenom 2 1100T
Windows XP, Windows 8 Dev Preview
MSI GTX 465 with driver versions 290.36
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (7.1)
Realtek Onboard Sound (7.1)

Blender 2.63a (and a few versions before, but I'm not sure when it started)

In previous versions of blender I could set my sound card options to SDL and get 2 channel audio or OpenAL and get 7.1 channel audio in the layout with speakers and the bge with audio objects. Now I'm only getting sound out of my front left speaker.

I've tested this with XP and Win 8 using multiple sound cards and digital / analog options. (And yes, I have also made sure 7.1 is working.)

steps to repeat:
place a speaker to the rear right of the camera.... play animation. Result: sound comes only from front left

add a sound object to an object in blender game engine, move it to any area besides front left - sound only plays from front left.

I didn't attach any files because .wavs are pretty big. Any mono .wav will do.



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Hi, can you try this file:
1) open a 3D view
2) start the game engine
3) try the keys A and D to play left and right


Hey!! Thanks for the incredibly fast response!

I tested out your file, and it worked perfectly in the game engine.

I tried out my file again, and it also worked perfectly.

Then I build a 7.1 test scene, and tested my previously not working scene, and it worked.

I think I was accidentally testing on 2.62, not 2.63a.. and that's why it's working now? Not sure.

Also, blender would crash my computer when opened up with my midi program (propellerheads reason 6) now it's not crashing, allowing me to record 7.1 audio from the game engine... which is very important to me. =)

However, I still don't get my full speaker system working while using speaker objects in the 3D window. It's in stereo, and my side channels, but isn't ever getting to my rear channels.

Steps to repeat:
create speaker object
attach a mono .wav to it
position it behind the camera
update animation cache
Result: speaker sound comes from the front, not the back.

additional notes:
This test can be preformed right after the game engine works in 7.1..

Are you sure you set the Format in the Buttons Window -> Scene -> Audio settings from Stereo to 7.1?

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I am sure I set it to 7.1.. It's like it's moving to the front channels instead of the back ones when it's behind you.

Thanks again!

Try this file:

Just open it, hit update animation cache and then mixdown and attach the resulting file here.

It doesn't play to my back channels in the animation, but here's the .wav export.

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Campbell: Please stop moving this to Game Engine tracker, this is a bug in audaspace which affects not only the game engine audio...

This bug should now be fixed since revision 51614. If you experience any problems regarding this with a later revision please reopen the bug.


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Joerg Mueller (nexyon) closed this task as Resolved.Oct 25 2012, 12:44 PM

One last remark: You have to set the audio channels in the Systems tab of the User Preferences to 7.1 to get 7.1 output during playback. The scene setting is only for mixdown and animation export.