Cycles crash GTX690 (gpu x2).
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Blender don't work (crash) with graphic card nvidia GTX690 (gpu x2). But Blender works with a single gpu.

Blender > r46646M >
OS > Windows 7 64 bits


To Do

Did you use CUDA or OpenCL? Does it happen on any scene or just a particular scene?

Motherboard > ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 > PCI-E 3.0

Please use the official 2.63a release to test from or a recent version from the buildbot:
Never report a bug, only confirmed on such a heavily patched graphicall build. :)

Ah my bad, the official ones do not provide CUDA 3.0 kernels. Will make a new one.

Luc: Please try this build:
It's the current SVN for windows x64, built with Toolkit 4.2.

Thank for your help. I tried your build with gpu x2. Now, Blender works with a basic scene (simple cube). But Blender don't work (crash at the end of rendering) with this scene >

Ok, thanks,
there have been some fixes in Cycles for the Toolkit 4.2, please check once more a current build: Download the "Windows 64 bit" one.


Blender don't work, crash always at the end of rendering.

Screenshot crash :

Ok, I have to mark this as ToDo now, none of the Cycles developers has a 6xx card, we can't test nor reproduce the issue.

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I'm sorry, my company can't send you a graphic card.

From version r49110, I can run both gpu with a astuce (this technique is unstable on some computers, crash after multiple images rendering).
- I run the rendu in the 3d view (with one gpu)
- I choose "GeForce GTX 690 (2x)" in user perferences
- I choose "Keep UI" in display render
- I add a window "UV/Image Editor
- I run the animation rendering

This method is very unstable, also works on version r50034.

I hope you find a solution.