Inconsistancy in hiding inactive buttons
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If object is deleted, some buttons get hidden in Object Tools.
This doesn't happen when object is deselected.
I understand that it's not obligatory to hide anything at all, but the fact that some buttons do get hidden suggests that remaining are still in control.

Same might relate to Properties editor tabs, but probably that's because active object is still present though everything is deselected (though doesn't seem logical)


To Do

There's big change between selected and active objects in Blender. Check for selection happens pretty slow, so some buttons might indeed affect on nothing when they're pressed after removing object. But as for disappearing buttons i can only see smooth/flat shading buttons which fails from your perspective. But this is because they're trying to be smart a bit: it makes totally no sense to have them for something except meshes, curves and surfaces. So toolbar is trying to distinguish if they're make sense. So when you delete object, there's no active object anymore and buttons makes no sense. But internally this operator works on selection which is slow to check and that's why you can see this buttons if everything is deselected but mesh/curve/surface is active.

Properties are totally working with active object, not selection. From this perspective it behaves exactly as it's planned.

Looks like it's more like general usability vs. some corner cases at which some operators buttons are not placed ideally, but wouldn't actually consider this is a bug.

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