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Rosa Colour Mesh Open GL!?
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Group: current SVN version
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Opengl / Gfx

Poutsa, on testing build forums, found another bugs, I put the explication how to view this bug.

Follow this Steps to see it:
Select the Cube from Starting Scene!
Enter Edit Mode and Select all Vertices
Then Go to Editing Buttons F9 and add a New Vetex Group (group) and press Assign!
Then Exit from Edit Mode and go to Weight Paint mode
Then go back to Object mode and you see the Cube is Rosa Colour in Open GL Draw mode!!
After this go to File Menue and and choose NEW ...erase All so you see the New Sarting Scene the Cube is Rosa Colour again in Open GL mode!

I have some compilation, the problems happen between 2005/09/22 and 2005/09/25.
I think the bugs can be comes with weight paint use shaded mode :

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