no pressure with Genius Mousepen i608X tablet
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There is no pressure with Genius Mousepen i608X tablet in blender. Nor in sculpting nor in texture painting.
This device works with the evdev driver. (I am using xubuntu 64-bit with a pathed 3.2.0-24 kernel which conatains the driver for this device.)
I figured out how to make the pressure work: I have modified the intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowX11.cpp file.
around line 608 I have coded the following:
instead of this:
if (m_xtablet.StylusDevice == NULL && is_stylus(device_info[i].name, device_type))
I coded this:
if (m_xtablet.StylusDevice == NULL && (is_stylus(device_info[i].name, device_type) || device_info[i].type == XInternAtom(m_display, XI_TABLET, False)))

And of course I modified the tilt code a little bit, since this device does not support tilting in this way:
if (xvi->num_axes > 3) {
m_xtablet.XtiltLevels = xvi->axes[3].max_value;
m_xtablet.YtiltLevels = xvi->axes[4].max_value;
else {
m_xtablet.XtiltLevels = 0;
m_xtablet.YtiltLevels = 0;

May be this is not the best idea to code this in this way, but this is worked for me now I got pressure with my device in both cases.

In my opinion this code may work with other non-wacom tablets wich uses the evdev driver. You can find those tablets list here:

I have attached the patch file and my current GHOST_WindowX11.cpp file (because I was not quite sure that I have genereated the patch correctly)



Is there any updates on this one?

Viktoria, is the issue still present in a new build? (download from

Could you please check with a new one? Sorry for the delay!

I have downloaded blender-2.65-r54115-linux-glibc211-x86_64. Now I am using xubuntu 12.10 with 3.5.0-21-generic kernel which has the kernel driver for this pen. And the issue is still present.

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applied r54454.
in future, if you have a fix best post in the patch tracker.


I have downloaded blender-2.65-r54482-linux-glibc211-x86_64 from the buildbot, and everything works fine :).
Thank you everybody.

Thanks for the patch! great when users can provide own fixes :)

i have windows and a genius tablet, it don't work in blender but it work in other programs like zbrush or mudbox