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Updating through custom properties very slow
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I know that this is on the edge to a feature request, but I'm puzzled what might be cause.

I have a character and i use shapekeys for facial animation. To make things easier i added some drivers to the shapekeys which use custom properties of the armature-object as the source. If i disable the drivers and change the sliders of the shapekeys manually everything is really fluid (updates quickly).

Mesh --> Shapekey --> Slider

But if i use the custom property then it gets really slow (below 1 FPS). I must wonder what is so different in this scenario:

Mesh -> Shapekey --> Slider with Driver --> Custom Property

I can only imagine that blender does some kind of extensive dependency checking or updating, which wouldn't be necessary.


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Please attach a .blend file, mention operating system and exact blender version used. You've reported so many bugs, this should be clear by now? :)

As usual. An not older then a weak build, build on Ubuntu 10.10. ;-)

I uploaded an example file to:

I know that it is huge, ugly and complicated. But it is often very hard to reduce a problem without removing the problem or to create a new file to create the same problem.

In this case you would need to do the following steps to see the issue:
1. The body-mesh (currently selected) has some shapekeys. One of them is named "voice_ai" with a driver shown in the bottom left window.
2. You disable the driver (speaker icon) and change the value of the shapekey slider. It should update fluidly.
3. Now enable the driver again, select the armature "armature" (some bone from the arm, hair has a separate armature), go to the object tab and then down to the custom properties. Now change the property "voice_ai" (the source of the driver). It should update much slower.

The reason for this slow update is the hair mesh from which i enabled the subsurf and edge-split modifiers. If you disable or remove this modifiers it will be much quicker. But at the same time it tells me that the hair mesh gets recomputed if the property is changed, even so it does not depend on it. It depends on the "armature-hair" which depends on the "armature", but not on the property itself.

All dependency graph issues are being collected now in wiki:

I know it's lame, but we really want to solve this well. If quick fixes existed we'd have done this.

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Archived.Oct 23 2012, 7:27 PM