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Blender shouldn't try to start jack if already started
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I use blender under debian. For my sound, I use gladish, thus jackdbus and not jackd.

When I start blender, or when I select jack in the properties it tries to launch jackd, which is impossible with jackdbus activated, so it fails and I got no sound at all.

Please note that the debian's blender package behave as expected : it creates the proper jack outputs, without trying to launch jackd.

Thanks in advance.

All the best.




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Joerg, can you please look into this? Thanks!

Jörg, any updates here? Thanks. :)

is the server is already? or is it that jackdbus is running but not the server?
what happens when you type "jackd" if jackdbus is running?

I talked back again to the jack people and here's what I found out:

[12:59:14] <nedko> having both jackd and jackdbus installed is receipe for trouble
[12:59:36] <nedko> in case they are both installed, jack server autostart must be properly configured
[12:59:52] <nedko> whether the user wants jackd or jackdbus is user preference
[13:00:47] <nedko> when jack is compiled with both jackd and jackdbus, libjack will use the the classic autolaunch mechanism, by executing the commandline specified in ~/.jackdrc
[13:01:08] <nedko> that can be made to start jack server through jackdbus, or even through ladish
[13:02:55] <nedko> the autostart feature configuration is described in the jackd man page

So there's not much we can do on the blender code side. Closing this for now.

Joerg Mueller (nexyon) closed this task as Invalid.Oct 26 2012, 1:16 PM