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Hangs and crashes while editing imported mesh.
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Blender 2.63.0 (which is named 2.63a on download page)
Windows XP

I've got a mesh, that was imported from dae-file (Exported from Maya 2008). After entering an edit mode and performing some simple operations, like extrude, remove doubles, scale, merge, recalculate normals, blender hangs, and sometimes crashes. Each operation writes "BMESH_ASSERT failed" message into log.

Attaching blend, dae, and log. Duplicating on dropbox:


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Imported mesh is invalid -- edge 0: has matching verts, both 0
Easy to notice by running['polySurfaceShape6978'].validate(True) in python console.

Gaia, can you please have a look on this? :)

set as TODO, moved to:

Tested the blend file and the dae file in Blender 2.68a without any errors. Bmesh code updates must have fixed this error.
win7 64bit
blender 32bit