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Sure UVW Map v.0.5.1 (Box and Best Planar) in accordance of texture image aspect. Very useful for fast architectural texturing.
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.63
Category: UV
Script name: Sure UVW Map v.0.5.1 (Box Map and Best Planar)
Wiki page:
Author(s): Alexander Milovsky
Status: Open

This universal script v.0.5.1 for Blender 2.63 (previous version 0.3 for Blender 2.62) creates UV coordinates like known UVWMap modifier with Box option and like Best Planar Unwrap. For non-square textures script calculates right proportion, so will be no texture stretching.
You can specify the exact size of the texture on the object.
For texture image width will be exactly Size.

Very useful for fast architectural texturing.

You can work interactively on selected polygons in Edit Mode or on full object in Object Mode.
All parameters (size, rotation, translation) are present for full control over texture placement.
Box Mapping is useful for common mapping (walls, floors), Best Planar is good for correct mapping for arbitrary oriented polygons (roof etc.).
Best Planar Mapping uses average normal to place Planar UV Mapping.

You should make material with raster image as texture first.
Script uses active texture in active material to automaticaly get right proportion.
Remember that object scale should be 1:1:1. Use Apply Scale if it isn't

Step by Step:
1. Create Mesh object (your architectural object by ex.)
2. Add Material to object
3. Add texture for Material with Image or Movie type and choose raster image you want use as diffuse
4. Don't forget to set Coordinates: UV in Mapping Rollout
5. Switch to Object Data Tab, you'll see two buttons in Sure UVW Map Rollout: UVW Box Map and Best Planar Map (addon should be activated).
Select object or only few polygon and click one of two buttons.

If you pressed UVW Box Map button:
6. Set parameters in Tool Properties:
Size - horizontal size of projected texture in Blender Units (meters).
XYZ Offset - offsets on world axis
XYZ Rotation - angles of rotation for every axis

If you pressed Best Planar Map button:
6. Set parameters in Tool Properties:
Size - horizontal size of projected texture in Blender Units (meters).
Z Rotation - angle of rotation
XY Offset - offsets in mapping space

File link:

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Any plans to improve, UV all selected objects if they have same material than active object selected material ?

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Sep 14 2015, 11:07 AM

Archiving, no activity from op: 3 years

@Alexander Milovsky (hp9000)

Hi, Thanks for a great add-on and sorry for commenting closed task.

i have been a request about your add-on at my Blender Artists threads.

he wants to include your add-on to my add-on Magic UV.
Magic UV will be an official release at 2.79.

If you agree with this request, i will tackle to include your add-on to Magic UV.
of course, i will add your name to author.

and, is it possible to change your add-on's license to GPL when i integrate your add-on to Magic UV?


@nutti (Nutti) @Alexander Milovsky (hp9000)
Nice proposal. I hope Alexander Milovsky will agree to having the Sure UVW Map add-on included in 2.79! It's a great add-on and I've found it really helpful when doing archiviz work.