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More info on 3D View name display
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Some options (specially locking) in 3D View need to be exposed more: happens sometimes when opening other's files (or own even) is hard to find out why the view doesn't pan/move, until you go and check the N panel.

This basically adds handy information to the view's name, such as:
- Only Render as (Render)
- Locked to Object as (Locked to <objectname>)
- Lock to Cursor as (Locked to Cursor)
- Lock to Camera View as (Locked) -only displayed when in camera view

Also does some little tweaks:
- If an object is used as Camera, then display it's name, rather than generic "Object as Camera"
- If our Camera is "Panoramic", display it (as it does for Perspective/Orthographic)
- When not using active scene's camera/layers, show the view name in brackets []

Screenshot (also attached):

I have no experience in coding, I just miss this while teaching/making tutorials and found out how to do it messing with the code. So please any hint or kicking is gladly appreciated.




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when doing strprintf or BLI_snprintf the source and the destination should never overlap - which may happen because of:

name = tmpstr;
BLI_snprintf(tmpstr, sizeof(tmpstr), "%s (Render)", name);

The best thing to do here would be to do...

offset = 0;
offset += BLI_snprintf(tmpstr + offset, sizeof(tmpstr) - offset, "%s (Render)", name);


@venomgfx, since this is already pretty old, would you mind going over the list of added info to check which info you'd still consider as useful? I can then make things ready for master (and commit if changes remain trivial)