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Mesh saved in 2.63 with legacy format have holes instead ngons
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Saving with legacy completely removes ngons (not replacing them with tris or quads).
System independent (windows, linux, x32 & x64).



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i can confirm this for 2.63a, .blend has holes, no matter if loaded with pre-bmesh blender (2.59 tested) or 2.63a

seems to remove not only ngon faces, but also quads at T-conjunctions (but can't tell for sure)

mentioned quads are also ngons (5 points),
so this is ngon problem only

In fact, this is working as expected: this option only converts 3 or 4 corners ngons, *it does not execute implicit triangulation*, as such process may produce some unexpected results. So if you want to export a mesh having "real" ngons, you first have to manually triangulate it (ctrl-T in Edit mode, or do it/fix it by hand).

Will add a warning in the tooltip of this option.

Thanks for the report anyway, closing now.

having holes in mesh is hardly what i expected. quite useless function...