Boolean Modifier missing Materials transfer properties
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Applying a boolean modifier to a mesh with a material attached and "booleaning" it with a second mesh also with a different material does not combine materials on on the resulting mesh. Also no options for this feature exist.

Windows 7 64 bit
Dual AMD Opteron 6174 12 core x 2
12 GB Ram
Nvidia Quadro 2000 GPU



Modifier can't just transfer material from one object to another, it's how modifiers stack works.

You could resolve this by manually adding material slots with needed materials to an object with boolean modifier and in this case bollean modifier would be able to match materials between two operands.

So thanks for the report, but it's just how blender works.

Sergey, I suggest to make a section named something like "Bugs' FAQ" and include there a "hot top" of "non-bugs" like this :) I remember that I saw reports like this at least two times. So all newly registered users here could be directed to this section before be able to browse trackers and submit new reports.
So I think this can help to save time for all developers here and for people who wants to report well-known "confusions".