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Static Particles allways set to Vector type.
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Group: V 2.39 alpha2
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Category: Tools

About 2.40 alpha 1 (Linux dynamic built, if that matters).

When you add static particles, the "Vect" switch buttons shows the correct preview on the 3D window, but at rendertime the particles allways come out with the vectorial option turned on, regardless of the actual switch position.

I understand that is related with the new hair oriented focus given to particles, as explained in

On that page, it says that:
... the new improved hair solution is simple. static (animated) particles are rendered as a series of extruded faces which are ...

From there one would expect the hair efect to be "ON" only when particles are set to STATIC + VECTORIAL + ANIMATED. But right now it is "on" as soon as you make it static.

In addition, when you add a Halo material to the particles emisor, the "Vect" button works as it should, the render maches what is on the 3D window.


Please note that, besides the weird situation just described, the render output isn't exactly the same with "Vect" turned ON or OFF, for hair it looks much better when it is set to ON.

So maybe a new "Fiber" button should be added to enable/dissable the new feature, while leaving the "Vect" button for what is has allways been used before.

I'm not suggesting to combine the "Vect" and "Fiber" functionallity into a single button as they, appart, have real uses.. i.e. Hair rendered without "Vect" turned on has certain natural/vegetal look appropiate for some plants and insects.

-. Apollux

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