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Not able to orbit using middle mouse button
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Win 7 32 bit
Intel(R) Core(Tm) i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
GeForce GTX 465
Blender 2.63 R46461.46478m; not zipped version

According to the tutorials I'm viewing, holding down the scroll wheel and dragging the mouse is suppose to allow orbiting of the object on the screen. This is not happening when I try with the Blender software I downloaded. The scroll wheel will zoom in and out when scrolled forward and backward but not orbit when depressed and the mouse dragged.

I've tried Shift and scroll, Ctrl and scroll, Alt and scroll, and any possible combination of the three with the scroll wheel. I'm wondering is there isn't a setting that has to be set for orbiting to occur with the depressed scroll wheel.



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This definitely should work. Perhaps try a different mouse? To test if it is a problem with your mouse, do the same thing in chrome, firefox or IE - hold down the scroll wheel and drag up and down. That should scroll the page. Also, clicking on a program on the task bar will launch another window of the program.

I would look at the mouse settings in your system...I think I messed with it once and experienced the same behaviour..

No, it's not the mouse or mouse settings. Mouse works fine with other programs, including Bryce and DAZ 3D.

Looking through User Preference I don't see any settings that are in place for the MMB to be used for orbiting the object. Pan left and right, and Orbit left and right, yes while using Ctrl, Shift and Alt, but no setting to use the MMB alone for orbiting.

Could you please try after having loaded Factory settings (File menu)? This way, we will be sure it’s not a config glitch somewhere…

Btw, shortcut for this in inputs tab of user preferences is in 3D View ->3D View (Global) ->Rotate View.

I reset all settings to factory settings, per your instructions, but depressing the MMB still did not cause rotate around the object.

Going to User Preference -> Input -> 3D View -> 3D View (Global) -> Rotation View I found the following before expanding Rotation View:

First box said: Mouse
Box to right said: Middle

When Rotation View was expanded I found the following: view3d.rotation; middle; press

This to me shows the correct settings for using the MMB to orbit (rotate) around the object.

I then closed the Rotation window and went to the second box under the Rotation View heading. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to change the key used for this operation. When I pressed the MMB, left button was displayed, and it took me a minute to realize the actually problem was with my MMB setting in the Logitec program.

Within the Logitec mouse program I had the MMB set for double click, which Blender interrupted as the LMB. Now that I understood the problem it was a simple matter of going into the Logitec program and reset the MMB to middle button on the mouse. Once this was done, the middle button now registered as the button to use for Rotation View. And when tested in Blender, Rotation (Orbit) could be done around the object.

I am having the same issue with my deathadder but no setting to change anything. It just either doesn't work at all or jerks about and rarely works fine. I have windows 8.1

Never mind, further testing shown it to be an issue on my end. It's not an issue with Blender

I was not able to orbit using the scroll wheel using my Logitech wireless mouse. I read your reviews and went to File/ User Preferences. Here I checked the Emulate 3 Button Mouse and made sure Select With: Right was selected. After exiting out I was able to orbit using the Alt key and left button. I was not having any problems with my mouse using my current OS or any software before this so I did not want to tamper with my mouse settings. This was an easy fix. I am just getting started so I hope it continues to do well.

I had same issue with Logitech MX510 mouse. For Windows 7 I downloaded Logitech´s SetPoint software, where i can change for scroll/middlebutton "middle button"-function. Earlier It was autoscroll, or something like that. And now it works!

I have same issue on my laptop with windows10. SOLVED turning on/off the touchpad

File -> User preferences -> scroll to very bottom -> there should be four boxes -> change Free to Orbit.
That's how I did it

Most usually this problem is when you use mouse software (ex. logitech set point). Find what drivers / software you use, go to settings and change "middle button" or "scroll button" or "scroll wheel button" or whatever it describes this button / wheel, and set it to "click" / "button" / "middle button" / whaever seems like this.
Ex. SET POINT (logitech) My Mouse (title menu)--> Middle Button (Select Button Menu) --> Other [select function] (select Task Menu) --> Middle Button (Drop down pop-up menu) (............ --> OK-->OK--> Apply)

I think this issue mostly with Logitech mouse. I fixed it (but still mouse roller not working but Alt+left mouse will start working).
Install Logitech SetPoint software from Logitech website. Under Select Task select "Universal Scroll", apply and OK. Now your Alt+Left mouse button will start functioning as Orbit (or rotating screen). Enjoy.