Sergey and Campbell are awesome!
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Congratulations :)



I can confirm the issue, latest SVN, Win x64 :D

I have this issue too, but thinking about it, we shouldn't really change this ;)

Thanks Campbell and Sergey!

Definitely needs more attention :)

We have been having this issue since a long time, strange nobody reported before :)

Yeah. These two seem to be popping up everywhere. I'll submit a (elbow) patch or two to help this.

I spent 2 hours today on it, but I could not get a backtrace. :/

I heard rumors about other projects being free of such kind of issue. I am watching thou.

i think this is a feature and working as intended:O

you need to provide proper steps on how to duplicate this bug ;)

Thanks, we do our best :D ... but we are also trying to keep bug tracker count down, so closing this one.