Using Autofill locks up blender with 100% CPU
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Open attached blender file.

I've selected a contiguous set of verticies. If it is not selected, use alt + Shift + rClick to select the opening in the model.

hit Alt + F to fill

Blender will lock up every time with 100% CPU.

My System:

Ubuntu 12.04
AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 Processor
4 GB Ram
Blender 2.63 downloaded from ( not distro supplied )
Nvidia GTS 450 ( running 295.41 driver )



works fine here (instant even).

Ubuntu 12.04
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31280 @ 3.50GHz
4 GB Ram

Could you try a recent testbuild?


Tried the blend file on SVN Reg 49664 on a Fedora Linux 32 Bit box and it works here. No lockup

Hangs in infinite loop on:

Ubuntu 10.10 32 Bit
Blender 2.63.17 r49532

Just compiled r49649 and it is still hanging. It circles somewhere in between the following functions, which lets me assume that it is a loop at least in bmo_beautify_fill_exec () or higher up the stack:

bmo_beautify_fill_exec ()
bmesh_disk_edge_next ()
bmiter__edge_of_mesh_step ()
bmesh_radial_validate ()
bmesh_disk_faceedge_find_next ()
BM_edge_is_manifold ()

#0 0x08bbe168 in BLI_mempool_iterstep ()
#1 0x088f5efe in bmiter__edge_of_mesh_step ()
#2 0x0892ab84 in bmo_beautify_fill_exec ()
#3 0x08902920 in BMO_op_exec ()
#4 0x0892a95e in bmo_triangle_fill_exec ()
#5 0x08902920 in BMO_op_exec ()
#6 0x086e5dd6 in edbm_fill_exec ()
#7 0x084676eb in wm_operator_invoke ()
#8 0x08468436 in wm_handler_operator_call ()
#9 0x0846876e in wm_handlers_do ()
#10 0x0846953d in wm_event_do_handlers ()
#11 0x08460f80 in WM_main ()
#12 0x0845efb1 in main ()

it works here fine (OSX, 50301)

un-assigning from myself. cant redo the bug.

Probably we need to have a developer to redo the bug to fix it.

Works fine here too,
SVN 50829, Windows 7 x64.

Suggest to close it, as 3 developers could not redo it already.

Closing now, if you can confirm on more than 1 computer we can re-open, but 3 devs and 1 user could not redo the issue.
Re-test with official builds from only.

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