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Uniform displace modifier
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this isn't really a new modifier or anything but just a modification to the regular displace modifier.
now the thing this does is that when you don't have any texture loaded in the modifier it just applies the strength value directly to the mesh.
works in normal x y z modes but not rgb->xyz (just didn't make any sense to add it to that).

now the reason why i made this was really that every time i was going to do some retopology work i would see almost the entire face being inside the highpoly mesh making it really hard to work with it since 90% of what you did was lying under the surface of what was visible.
i used to add an empty texture image to the modifier and set the mid value to 1 and the strength to something negative.
but it really felt like it was a few to many steps for something so simple as to push the entire mesh outwards a little bit.

included an example image of how its useful when retopologizing but i am sure its useful for other things as well.

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applied r49897 with some edits for the python UI.

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