Sound scrub not working in sequencer
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If i drop and drag from windows explorer, or add the sound for the first time. I need to save it, close Blender 2.64 test built 2, and open it again to make it works.

I use Windows 7 64 bit.



I'm on Fedora 17 64bit, and here sound scrub does not work at all (only playback produces sound), even after saving and reopening.

Tested on:
SVN r50797 (build with/without libsndfile)

Works fine here:
* Open Sequencer, drag .mp3 from Explorer into VSE.
* Alt-A to play animation, scrub with mouse. Works fine.

SVN 50829, Windows 7 x64.

Ok tested again using DingTo's method, scrubbing works _after_ pressing Alt+A here too.

I just seem to remember being able to scrub the sound without playing back first? Oh well.

Closing this report,
open a audio file inside the sequencer and scrub while animation playback runs works.

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