Exception and crash when adding a boolean modifier with a plane object
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With the attached .blend example file Blender SVN r49981 report an exception and then freezes.

System: Linux x86 64bit, Ubuntu 11.04

Reproduce the bug:

- load attached example .blend file
- select Outer.R
- add a boolean modifier
- select Plane as intersection or difference object

=> Blender throw an exception and then freezes.

Error in shell window:

Unknown internal error in boolean
WARNING! <0.0158194811083376407623291,-0.0221113587965299993043367,0.348424436201887510744513>==<0.0158194811083376407623291,-0.0221113587965299958348897,0.348424436201887455233361>
WARNING! <0.0158194811083376407623291,-0.0221113587965299958348897,0.348424436201887455233361>==<0.0158194811083376407623291,-0.0221113587965299993043367,0.348424436201887510744513>
uncontained hole loop does not share vertices with any face loop!
CSG failed, exception /home/torsten/projects/blender/blender/extern/carve/lib/triangulator.cpp:899 "didn't manage to link up hole!"



Confirmed, assigning to Sergey.

There's one duplicated vertex which implies degraded face. It's currently known issue and it's being handled from Carve (boolean library we're using) side.
Workaround would be to run "Remove Doubles" operator.

Thanks for the report, but it actually duplicates issues which are already reported and assigned to me.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Invalid.Sep 3 2012, 3:07 PM

Thank you very much for analysing this problem. May it be possible as a
temporary work-around to replace the console message by some error dialog
which will avoid that Blender is completely stopping when this problem occur?
The risk to lose some recent not saved changes is very annoying.

It is only an idea. If it will be to much work, better spend the time to fix the real problem.