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Weights -> Fix Deforms is broken
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I tried to apply the function according to the documentation in this article:

It either does not work at all, or it is not correctly documented.
At least the documentation left it open what the tool realy does :(

How to reproduce:

- take any weighted object.
- go to weight paint mode.
- enable multi paint mode.
- select a set of vertices.
- try to apply Weights -> Fix Deforms

Nothing happens.

Expected behaviour:

vertex weights and/or vertex locations should change with changing the operator values of the tool.

I have not added a blend file as i have no idea what i should put into it in this case.



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How well it works I don't know, but it does do something, example attached. Documentation for this project is indeed very unclear, but would not consider that a bug that fits in the tracker here.

I tried it out multiple times and never got it to create some kind of usable result. Either it is broken or the documentation hides the essential parts to make it usable. Overall it is currently a unusable -> unnecessary feature that just wastes screen space. ;-)