HiDPI (retina) support
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Blender looks pixelated (low-res) on retina MacBook Pro (see attached screenshot).

What is necessary to fix this:

Should be added to Info.plist:

NSView that is used for OpenGL rendering should specifically opt-in for high-res, like this:
[view setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface:YES];

Set viewport to the actual backing buffer resolution, NSView's convertRectToBacking can be used to handle this.
Text rendering should be aware of increased backing resolution.
Last step - provide 2x images for UI, select correct one in runtime.



The plist keys are added since a while.
This should help all non-GL and text to be sharp on retina now.
Unfortunately no one reported back.
I made same for Luxrender ( also w/o updated icons atm ) and it is a huge improovement already.


P.S.: Full retina support is planned for 2.65


The only difference in 2.64RC seems to be non-pixelated window caption, but the window content is exactly as it was before.

Jens, can you please re-check here?

Could someone upload a patch? where to add "[view setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface:YES];" isnt clear at all.

I'd also love a patch. I figure out a good bit of it today, but I couldn't get the NSOpenGLView to resize correctly.

I was looking last days and think i can provide a patch soon..


First patch as far as i understood it, pls try out.
See attachment.


Jens, I just tried applying the patch. I get the blender interface as a tiny subset of the overall window.
I've attached a screenshot of the result.

Oh yeah ..... :)

I'am doing blindflight here not having a testmachine.
I guess would be better someone with a macbook retina starts to move my lines around.
I think i placed the backbuffer stuff in the wrong place ....



Just wondering if there has been any progress on this issue and if it's still a target for 2.65? (can't seem to find it on the projects page)

Thank you

Ton has a retina book now, guess he can make things right out of the patch soon ...


Thank you Jens, looking forward to it!

Retina support is now in trunk, for the 2.66 release.