language support (input) in text object and text editor
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i cannot write special characters in text editor and text object
i want to write polish letters like ąśćźęłóż but get only question sign "?" in text editor or flipped question sign in text object
i think it is input problem - keyboard mapping or something
when i write this characters in notepad and paste it in blender everything is ok - they appear just fine
to enter special characters i press Left Alt+A for Ą and so on for different letters Alt+E Alt+S Alt+C Alt+Z ...
in earlier version of blender (i dont remember which) everything was ok



Please mention operating system and exact Blender version tested.

Blender 2.63.0 r46461:r46487M
and newest at this time from graphicall v 2.63.17 r50351

Windows 7 ultimate x64

Windows 7 ultimate x64 polish of corse
and Right ALT+A not left i mentioned before :)

confirmed the problem in trunk (windows 7, r.50797) - had to add Polish as input language to test it

@Ralph, can you try to pinpoint when this was last working?

Seems this was broken in svn rev43913 which was a fix for

Not actually sure about proper way dealing with both of this issues.

Alex, do you have some thoughts here?

Tested in lastest svn, and I type fine with Polish keyboard mapped.
Is this a Windows only issue then?

I found a windows error - is in svn now. r51866
Nobody can redo the error or the fix though - windows handles special chars very strange... can any here check?

(It should allow typing alt+key characters)

Ton, it indeed seems to be fixed. Will mark the report as solved for until somebody complains :)

Thanks for the report btw.

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