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Color picker on shaded models
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Win7- 64bit / GTX460 / blender 2.62 - 2.63a

Don't know its a bug or "feature". ;)
Color picking work strange while in texture paint mode and when model is shaded by any material. It grabs color of pixel from viewport (including shading) and not from corresponding pixel on texture. This cause painting shaded model hard and unintuitive. :(



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This would be nice to support but its not a bug, color picker just grabs screen colors for the 3D viewport.

Hello, i know that it is super old but this was changed in blender 2.73+ to pick color from active texture/layer. Can you guys revert picking color from screen space as an option? It is really usefull in shadeless texture painting, and after 2.73 it forces to use 1 layer only.

regards, rice

Since 2.72, you can use S shortcut to sample a pixel of active texture instead of color picker from floating panel.

Paul (rice) added a comment.EditedSep 19 2015, 4:43 PM

dont know why did you write this, but thanks for the tip

@edit, to clarify ive made picture to show whats missing