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Wrong auto choice in menus based on mouse position
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If I try to bring up a menu (for instance specials menu [W] in Edit Mode), choose any alternative (eg merge) and then hit W again then merge should automatically be selected as that was the last chosen action, right? If I do this operation with my pointer in the middle of the window (3D View) it works just as you'd expect (W auto-selects merge), but if you were to bring up the menu near the top or the bottom of your window it'll choose something else (like subdivide or inset faces based on where the pointer is). This is a major annoyance when you're working away at a model and just quickly need to merge a whole bunch of vertices or maybe auto-align vertices in the UV-editor (it occurs here as well and probably in all other windows too).

I'm sitting on a Windows 7 64-bit machine with a nVidia Geforce GTX 480 graphics card right now but I've also experienced it on my home computer with the same OS with an AMD Radeon HD 6950 graphics card.

You should be able to replicate this by just using a merge (or whatever else you want) operation on an edge on the default cube and then just hitting W while moving around the cursor and you'll see the problem.

Thanks for an amazing program

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The reason it selects something else is because there is not enough space to fit the menu inside the window.

The better solution is not clear to me:
* It could move the mouse cursor in such cases, but that is generally considered bad practice.
* It could select the previous item anyway, and as long as the mouse doesn't move pressing enter would redo the operator, but clicking still would not work then.
* Changing the shape of the menu or reordering the items also does not seem like a good option.
* Letting the menu go offscreen also is an option, but that's inconvenient in cases you don't want to redo the previous operation.

Yeah, I suppose none of the alternatives are great, but I'd probably go with #1 and just move the mouse. I've used some programs that does this and it is a bit annoying and maybe even a bit dis-orienting, but I'd say it would be better than what we've got at the moment.

This is more a logical issue then a software bug, it would be nice to resolve still, setting as a TODO.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Sep 14 2012, 8:36 AM

Two more ideas how this could be solved:

* Open menu somewhere + show an extra "menu" at cursor location with just a single entry to redo the last operator.
* Add the last used operator to the menu twice, one at original position, one at cursor

See attached image

I also would like this to be resolved.

I've attached an image example of what I think might work.
Any thoughts?

I think it's an idea that could work, however pie menus will be released shortly (2.67 or 68 I believe) so this might lose relevance shortly and another solution will have to be implemented for that. I think the only viable solution for those would be to move the mouse as we spoke about before, but I haven't used that system much so I might be completely wrong.

I'm in favour of moving the mouse as well. With a popup menu, I don't believe it'll be jarring for the user.
The proposed behaviour of having the menu go outside of the frame would run into the exact same issue if the frame touches the edges of the screen.