NDOF parameters not taken into account
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Since Release 2,64 RC1, the parameters for NDOF devices do not seems to be taken into account, the sensitivity is really high despite the setting of 0,25. The orbit setting does not works, it is always in trackball.

This is encountered with a 3DConnexion spacenavigator device



Which operating system are you using to test this?

I'm using Mas OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2, by the way I had the same issue with 2.64 RC1, but it works fine in 2.63

Ah, it seems the sensitivity for rotation and trackball/turntable were decoupled, but the settings were only added to the menu that you get when pressing the "menu" button on. Now they are in the user preferences as well.

I also made them properly convert from the old settings when loading old user preferences, so that the behavior stays the same. Though this may not help you if you already saved the user preferences again, so you might still have to reconfigure the sensitivity/turntable still.

OK, but the settings from the users preferences/input menu are useless because they do not affect the NDOF device

Not sure what you mean ... but perhaps I should have been more clear that I just committed these changes to our development version, and so in the next build you should have settings that do work. Even in the current build you can find the settings when pressing the "menu" button on the device, I just made them available in the user preferences now.

I can confirm this with Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8, blender 2.64.0 51232, SpaceNavigator, with the latest driver, 3dxware beta 10.0.4 (downloaded and installed today, 6 November 2012).

Switching between the Turntable and Trackball NDOF settings doesn't change blender's behavior.

There's another report about this open, will let Ton investigate it there and keep this closed, because I don't have an NDOF device to test: